Selling your vehicle

At Paeroa RV we can discuss your requirements and assist in the sale of your vehicle.  We can offer onsite road frontage to over 20,000 passing vehicles a day as we are in the middle of everwhere!  We do our best to provide happy sellers and that our service is honest and stress free.  Call us as we maybe able to work something out fror you.

Prepurchase Inspections

We always recommend when selling or buying a vehicle to get a pre-purchase inspection prior to sale.  This will eliminate any unknown nasties you may not be aware of and also helps you sell your vehicle with confidence.  The small price to pay can save you losing thousands!  

Call us to discuss further.

Vehicle Information Reports

We have access to a range of reports available for our buyers and sellers at a discounted price.  Dont get caught out on your next purchase without knowing the history of your new vehicle.  Selling your vehicle with confidence brings peace of mind.  Call us to discuss further.

On behalf of sale

​We offer on behalf of sales that gives our sellers the chance to sell your recreational vehicle, caravan with a few different options available.  Call us to discuss further.​

Build Contracts

Looking to purchase a caravan after your vehicle has sold to suit your style and lifestyle.  We can offer a range of options with the NZ made KEA KARAVAN and the new 2015 Oxford caravan.  From selling your vehicle on behalf or using it as a deposit or progress payment.  Call us to discuss further.​


Feel free to call us as we may know someone that knows someone!  We can look at trading your vehicle with a range of options for all our new cartavans.  Our customers may also be looking at possible trades which could be exactly what you are selling.  We never know who comes walking through our door as your vehicle, camper or caravan could be what they are looking for..  

Call us to discuss further..